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The TBV Works Great for:​

  • Tight muscles
  • Weak muscles
  • Swelling (Edema)
  • Neuropathy (Decreased sensation)
  • Diabetes
  • Return to athletic/ Military activities

Total Body Therapy & Wellness’ Total Body Vibration machine is ideal to stretch or strengthen any muscle. It uses a vibration impulse in the targeted muscles forcing them to involuntarily contract (this means they work without you even trying!!). This causes rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles at 25 to 50 times per second. This means it will cause your muscles to work really hard the entire time you are on it.

I like to think of it as an Electric Physio Ball. A physio ball is one of those BIG balls that people exercise on. Usually 2 ½ or 3 feet in diameter. When you sit on a physio ball, even if you are just sitting there, your back and abdominal muscles are activating to keep you balanced. You do not feel tired, but they are working hard. Our TBV does the same thing, except it vibrates much faster and causes the muscles to work much harder than the physio ball does. So even if you just stand on the TBV, you are strengthening your muscles and burning calories! They best part is, it’s not hard! You barely feel yourself working. Now the next day may be a different story, but it allows you to strengthen and stabilize your muscles faster and without pain.

The TBV is GREAT for swelling! It works as a pump on both the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It increases the speed of blood flow and lymphatic drainage throughout the body. In short, it pumps the swelling out of your feet without you doing a thing!

It is great for improving sensation too for issues such as Neuropathy. In Neuropathy your hands and feet begin to lose sensation. As this worsens some of the sensation becomes “dead”. Other sensation is just “decreased”. The Total Body Vibration system will enhance the sensation that is “decreased” and allow you to maximize your feeling! It’s great for anyone with Peripheral Neuropathy or Diabetes! This rapidly increases strength, stability, range of motion and pumps out swelling FASTER than any other stability ball or machine!

Athletes / Military

Want to get to that next level?
Need to jump higher, run faster or react quicker?
The Total Body Vibration has it all!

TBV is great for providing high level Isometric muscle contractions. Isometrics are when your muscles are working hard but your body is not moving. Holding a plank is a great example of this. Your body is not moving… but you know it’s working!

By performing an activity on the TBV you can enhance the level of that isometric contraction. The TBV can be set to vibrate on 3 different frequencies, challenging your muscles work harder and become stronger than ever before. This will advance your strength, core stability, balance and overall function.

Need to Bump up That Intensity?

Try these on the TBV:​

  • Plank pose
  • Deep squat
  • Single leg standing
  • Crunch
  • Oblique crunch
  • Any standing yoga pose

For so many reasons, we all love the TBV… and know you will too! For more information, Contact Us TODAY at Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC.