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WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I came to TBTW because of a stroke. My left side was very weak. I could not walk straight, couldn’t stand long, and was very afraid to move without help. I can now reach in my shelves and walk around my counters to cook. I have enjoyed working muscles that I always took for granted. Movement is much better and more enjoyable because I can do them without help from family. It has been a wonderful experience working with people who knew my name when I walked in the door. Many thanks. I would be happy to recommend you all to all my friends and family!”

– Roseanna Covington, TBTW Patient

A stroke is referred to as a Cerebrovascular Accident and is the sudden death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen. This occurs when the blood flow to a particular portion of the brain is restricted from a clot or bleed. Depending on where the stroke occurred in the brain, how extensive the damage was and the duration, dictate the severity of the symptoms and recovery.

Common symptoms of stroke are a slurring of speech, facial droop, weakness or loss of function in one side of the body, either in the arm, legs or both. Stroke can affect cognitive function, speech, the ability to swallow, walking, balance, strength and function.

After medical management, rehabilitation is needed to assist the person in regaining as much function as possible. The brain and nervous system is remarkably able to adapt for the damaged area. PT helps you capitalize on this ability. Many people are able to regain most function in their affected limbs, speech and enjoy life with modifications.

How Physical Therapy Helps

Physical therapy is a vital part of the recovery of a person who has suffered a stroke. A thorough evaluation is done in various stages of the rehabilitation process to determine progression in strength, transfers, walking, balance, range of motion and safety. Our Physical therapists approach the care of each person as an individual adapting the best rehabilitative process to each case. A great deal is done to ensure the safety of the person with normal transfers from sit to stand, getting in / out of a car, stairs and uneven terrains. In addition, the strengthening and exercising of muscles provides positive feedback to the nervous system to accelerate adaptation and function.

TBTW’s Physical Therapists are able to help you regain function in your arm, leg or both limbs. In addition we can help you improve in all your daily activities such as dressing, caring for oneself, cooking and work activities. Many of these skills we take for granted have to be re-learned.


The solo step is a great device for Stroke patients. The Solo Step is a harness that supports you from the ceiling. The harness supports you while you exercise, so there is no chance of falling. This allows patients to eliminate their fears and perform the exercise and activity safely. It allows patients to stand, walk, balance, climb stairs and perform many other activities that they were not able to do before!

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