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Rapid Recovery Program

TBTW knows that when you are an athlete, you never quit. Whether you are part of a professional team, weekend warrior or avid gym-goer, exercise for you is a way of life. You work hard, you train hard, you need to RECOVER hard!

TBTW’s Rapid Recovery Program is for you!

No doctors, no medicine, no tests, no commitment. Just 100% recovery for you and your body. Let our trained physical therapists help your muscles, joints, tendons and everything else repair, recover and rejuvenate… so you can get back to working out!

You can trust our PT Rapid Recovery specialists, because they are athletes just like you!

Each session is fully customizable by you to what you need.

Rapid Recovery Program – Choose From:

“I AM MOBILE AGAIN!! Before physical therapy I was having difficulty walking and bending. After physical therapy, it is easier to bend and reach and I can walk a little faster. With the exercises and physical therapy my pain is less and more bearable!!!” -Carolyn H.