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What is an EMG/NCS?

EMG stands for Electromyography and NCS stands for Nerve Conduction Studies. This is a test used to measure the electrical activity in a muscle and nerves to help us find diseases that can damage muscle tissue and nerves.

When Should I get an EMG/NCS?

EMG/NCS are great for people suffering from:

  • Numbness, tingling or burning sensations in  your arms, legs, hands or feet
  • Weakness in your arms or legs
  • Diabetes or neuropathy
  • Muscle wasting or atrophy
  • Legs buckling or giving way
  • Foot drop
  • Radiating Pain

Nerve Conduction/EMG tests assess how well your nerves are functioning.

Are they pinched? Are they damaged? If so, where exactly is the issue?

These tests localize and PIN POINT where your symptoms are coming from. That way we can focus treatment on that specific area… and get you back to “normal” faster. The tests can be used for many conditions including pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle wasting, nerve damage, neuropathy and fatigue.

How Does This Test Work?

The test has 2 parts. First, the EMG measures the electrical activity of a muscle at rest and during contraction. Nerves control the muscles by sending electrical signals or impulses to the muscle. Different nerve and muscle disorders cause the muscles to react in abnormal ways. During the EMG a very small pin is inserted in the muscle and will show us the muscle integrity. The NCS or Nerve Conduction Studies part of the test refers to the mild electrical stimulation that is administered to the skin over top of the nerve. The reaction is measured by a second set of electrodes applied to the surface of the skin. The impulses produce a visual signal that clinicians can monitor to provide information about the condition that your nerves are in!

An EMG/NCS is an easy, reliable, and safe test that helps your PT to manage patient care more effectively. This is great for checking the location of radicular symptoms, cause of numbness and tingling, and unexplained weakness.

EMG/NCS are performed right at TBTW by our own diagnostician.