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There’s always a certain amount of risk for sports-related injuries when playing sports. Contact or collision sports have higher injury rates, such as soccer, baseball, basketball and football. Twice as many males suffer sports-related injuries compared to females due to the types of sports they play. Whether you’re a seasoned and trained athlete or weekend warrior, there’s always a chance of incurring a sports injury.

The main concern with most people with sports injuries is “When can I get back to playing?”

At TBTW, we want you to “Heal Your Body, Live Your life!” That means, we want you back to playing, going to the gym and being active as soon as possible. Our Sports PT’s are highly trained in what you need to return to your game safely. Rest assured that they will give you the sport-specific activities you need to jump higher, run faster and cut harder than ever before.

Have you incurred a sports injury? Turn to our physical therapists for recovery. Our physical therapists are dedicated to sports medicine and focus rehabilitation based on the performance needs of athletes. They will do a complete evaluation and design a treatment plan targeted to your injury. Get back in the game with the help of our physical therapists. Contact Us TODAY at Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC and schedule a one-on-one consultation.