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Diabetes can affect your life in many ways. One of the problems diabetes can bring is decreased sensation in your hands and feet. This is known as Diabetic Neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy is a common serious complication of diabetes. The main issue with diabetic neuropathy is decreased sensation in your hands and feet. Because of this you can easily injure your foot without knowing it.


If you have a rock in your shoe or lace your shoe laces too tight, you can feel it. So you untie your shoe, shake out the rock, loosen your laces and replace the shoe so it fits more comfortably.

But What Would Happen if You Couldn’t Feel That Rock?

It would slowly injure your foot until eventually it rubbed the area raw and made an open sore. You wouldn’t realize that the sore was there, because you couldn’t feel it.

Now remember, diabetic neuropathy also reduces your blood flow. This reduces your ability to heal. So not only do you have that sore in your foot, your body cannot heal it properly.

This is Why Diabetic Shoes are SO Important!

In fact, they are so important that Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans will cover a pair of DIABETIC SHOES with inserts EVERY YEAR for those who have diabetes and suffer with foot issues!

Total Body Therapy & Wellness understands that mobility and quality of life are of vital importance. We want to better help our patients with diabetes by preventing complications of Diabetes. It is proven that patients with diabetes are largely at risk for Infections, Ulcers and Amputation. Good foot care and proper footwear will greatly decrease this risk while also enhancing comfort and mobility.

TBTW has become a Certified Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes through the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics. This way we can provide our community with Diabetic Shoes and custom inserts.

Currently only 20% of eligible patients are taking advantage of this opportunity!

What is so Special About Diabetic Shoes?

  1. The shoes are constructed to a high quality and high durability standard. Each individual shoe has to be approved by Medicare.
  2. The Toe Box, or portion where your toes are, is much wider. It is more of a square shape than triangle shape of “normal” shoes. This allows for more room for the toes to move and not be squished.
  3. The Toe Box, or portion where your toes are, is taller. This allows more room for abnormally shaped toes. (i.e., Claw toes, hammer toes, Swan neck deformity, etc.). Toe abnormalities are more common in people with diabetes due to limited blood flow and nerve functions in the feet and toes.
  4. Seamless lining- there are no seams inside the shoes which often irritate and cause damage to sensitive feet.
  5. Reinforced heel and toe covers- The material surrounding the heel and surrounding the toes are reinforced. This protects your foot better from bumps, bangs and other boo-boo’s you may do to your feet.
  6. Soft interior material to prevent injury to sensitive feet.
  7. Customized Orthotics- each pair of Diabetic shoes comes with 3 pairs of customized inserts.
    • These will be heated and custom molded to your foot
    • Protect your feet from injury
    • Support your unique foot shape inside your shoe
    • Improves your foot posture, leading to better walking

How You Can Get a Pair of Diabetic Shoes?

Are you a Medicare patient?

Do you have Diabetes?

Do you have altered sensation, foot deformities, neuropathy or amputations?

With just a foot exam and order from your primary care doctor TBTW can help you get on your way to better foot care!!

Total Body Therapy & Wellness offers various styles, colors, and sizes of Diabetic Shoes. The customization process includes heat molding of 3 pairs of inner soles to provide proper support, cushion, comfort and stability.

TBTW also offers upgrading to VASYLI custom molded shoe inserts to better support the natural shape of your foot, decrease joint pain throughout the feet and legs and enhance the proper biomechanical motion of the foot and ankle. For more information, Contact Us TODAY at Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC.