Golf Swing Analysis

Golf is a sport we can enjoy at any age. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, golf is a sport most people have a “love-hate relationship.” You can have a perfect drive off the tee and then slice a 60 yard chip into the bunker on the same hole. Many factors affect your golf game, such as improper equipment, stance, course management, and physical limitations. Pain, limited range of motion, strength deficits, and poor postural all affect a player’s swing… and in turn, their golf performance.

At Total Body Therapy and Wellness, we understand there is no one, absolute way to swing a golf club; however, we can help improve swing efficiency by analyzing physical capabilities. Matching a swing style based on what you can physically do will improve consistency, accuracy, and distance due to better ball contact.

Total Body Therapy and Wellness has a Physical Therapist who is Level 1 Certified from the Titleist Performance Institute. Video recording of your golf swing will be analyzed and explained in order to better address changes for improved performance.

Total Body Therapy and Wellness can also address proper golf posture and body alignment, improve muscle flexibly and pain by decreasing stiffness, increase strength and power, as well as prevent future injury. Many golf injuries occur when a player attempts a shot and swings a certain way beyond their physical capabilities. In addition, repetitive movements can also cause muscle trauma, because the muscles become fatigued from continuous activation. We can help address painful symptoms and improve your swing to prevent injury in the future. Total Body Therapy and Wellness wants to help get you back the game you love, because when you feel better, you play better, and when you play better, you enjoy going out to the golf course more often.For more information, Contact Us TODAY at Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC.

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