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I FEEL MORE CONFIDENT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE WHICH IS MY COMFORT ZONE! I came to TBTW because I was at risk for falling. Balance and weakness in my legs made me very unstable unless I was using a walker or a cane. I now carry my cane and my balance is so much better. I feel more confident outside my house which is my comfort zone. I had only been in Sunday church once since the fall. Now, I have been the past 4 Sundays and multiple nights some weeks. Exercise was helpful with eye focusing and settling of a woozy head. Your entire staff has been so helpful and accommodating. Thank you so much. Hope I never need them again but am glad I know where to go if I do!”

– Betty Mangum, TBTW Patient

Here at Total Body Therapy & Wellness one of our main missions is to prevent Senior Citizens from falling. Sure, if you fall, we can improve your balance. We can help get you back to moving, walking and performing all your favorite activities.

But wouldn’t you rather NOT fall in the first place?!?

Don’t Be Resigned To Poor Balance.

Poor balance is NOT like wrinkles or gray hair. You don’t have to be resigned to poorer balance as you age. You can take action to improve and maintain it.


It is Normal to Slow down.

It is NEVER Normal to HAVE PAIN or to FALL.
Though there are often many factors involved with decreased balance as we age, it is a skill that many of us can keep during our adult life. Much of this decline is simply due to inactivity (aka- sitting on the couch). This can be improved with training.

Balance can begin to slowly diminish in the 40’s (don’t get depressed yet!), so all middle aged adults need to add some sort of balance training to their routines. In terms of importance, it is right up there with cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Efforts to prevent falls are best started early rather than late in life. Even so, you are never too old or too frail to exercise. TBTW specializes in designing exercise routines that can be put together to fit your needs and ability. Our skilled Balance Specialty  Physical therapists can help you regain your balance… and get you back to living. It just won’t happen all in one day. We start out slow and break your activity into various parts. Little by little we will train your body to be able to do the things you need to do in order to reach your goal.

This training will incorporate overall upper and lower body strengthening and endurance. Along with these, we add challenges to your balance system. And if you are still looking for that Fountain of Youth… Exercise and balance training is the best way to set back the clock!

Are you at High Risk for Falls?

People that are considered “Higher Risk for Falls” really need Balance Training! If you know anyone who is on this list, please PLEASE let them know about our Fall Prevention Program.


High Fall Risk conditions include but not limited to people with:

  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke or other cardiac issues
  • After surgery- including hip or knee replacement
  • Vertigo/ Dizziness
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer patients
  • Anyone that has been on bed rest or stayed in the hospital
  • Deconditioned older adults
  • Anyone that has had a fall in the past 6 months

**Studies show that balance, strength, and flexibility training not only improves walking, but also help reduce the risk of falling**

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