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The two types of arthritis that typically result in arthritic pain are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Physical Therapy for Arthritis Pain: Active Modalities

While there’s no cure for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, physical therapy can help you manage the symptoms of these afflictions. As a matter of fact, research has shown that physical therapy benefits patients in the short term and long term. Your physical therapist will do a full assessment of your condition, review goals with you and develop a specific treatment plan to meet your individual needs. A tailored therapeutic exercise program helps with mobility, strength and pain. There may even be high-intensity exercises. If you suffer from hip pain, an exercise plan will address all impairments surrounding the hip that may be contributing to control, mechanics and mobility. You learn how to lift, squat and carry objects with less pain. All around, daily functional tasks are much easier. There’s also manual or, “hands-on,” techniques for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. For example, soft tissue mobilization is very effective for those who suffer from arthritis pain.

Physical Therapy for Arthritis Pain: TBTW offers many modalities in physical therapy to treat pain from arthritis:

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
  • Squid Compression
  • Superficial heat
  • Cryotherapy or ice packs

TENS can greatly help reduce pain from arthritis. Electrodes are placed to trick the brain into feeling no pain. Electrical stimulation reduces pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and soft tissue edema.

DEEP TISSUE LASER THERAPY is an amazing way to help the body heal itself faster. It targets your “T-cells”, the natural “healing cells” of your body. It makes them grow faster and multiply. This way you have bigger, stronger and more cells healing your body. It’s the only thing that DIRECTLY increases your cells to work better! Deep Tissue Laser helps with inflammation, pain, muscle spasms and improves connective tissue (works great for Fibromyalgia!)

SQUID COMPRESSION is designed to provide tremendous relief from muscle and joint pain.

This allows our patients to reduce dependency on pain medication, perform everyday tasks that were previously painful, and enjoy walking, running, skiing, playing tennis, golf and other activities again.

Squid revolutionizes injury recovery by combining sequential intermittent compression with cold treatment to provide maximum results. Squid drives the cold treatment deep into the tissue, reducing swelling and directing fluids away from the treated area towards the heart. Swelling is reduced, thereby improving blood flow to the injured tissue and delivering much needed nutrients and oxygen.

CRYOTHERAPY OR ICE PACKS are also effective for arthritic pain. It’s helpful for swelling, pain and reducing local metabolism. Often, these passive physical therapy treatments are an adjunct to active physical therapy treatments. All around, physical therapy is a holistic approach to treating arthritis. You may not have to rely on those pain meds anymore.

No one wants to live in pain. It limits your activities, and it just plain hurts. Take action. Are you suffering from arthritis pain? Don’t wait a minute longer. Contact Us TODAY at Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC to schedule a one-on-one consultation and comprehensive assessment of your condition. Let our certified and skilled physical therapists help you reduce pain from your arthritis and live a better lifestyle. We’re committed to your wellness. We’ve helped many others who suffer from arthritis and can help you too.

"Heal Your Arthritis, Live Your Life!"

Heal Your Arthritis, Live Your Life!” By: Dr. Sara S. Morrison

MY EXPERIENCE WAS FANTASTIC! I came to TBTW because my doctor recommended PT for me! Other friends and family members who had come here for treatment highly recommended TBTW. They were impressed by the staff and help they received here. So was I. When I first came to TBTW, I was unable to turn my neck much because of arthritis and muscle issues. They used several techniques to improve my range of motion and lessen the pain to include exercises, dry needling, and massage. I found the atmosphere at TBTW to be just like family. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They helped me to learn more about my bone and muscle systems. All in all my experience was fantastic. The attitude, encouragement, and helpfulness of the staff made me see significant improvement in the movement of my neck. Thank you all TBTW!”

– Jimmy Wicker, TBTW Patient