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Saebo’s functional dynamic orthoses are specifically designed for individuals suffering from a neurological injury such as a stroke, head injury and incomplete spinal cord injury.

The SaeboFlex and SaeboReach allow patients to immediately begin using their arm and hand in therapy and at home. It is ideal for patients that want to improve their hand and finger functions.


  • Maintains the patient’s involved arm and hand in a functional position.
  • Offers a dynamic component that assists with thumb and finger extension so grasp and release tasks can be accomplished.
  • Offers a dynamic elbow extension system to facilitate functional reaching.
  • With the ability to perform grasp and release activities, patients can perform highly repetitive, task-oriented arm training.
  • Evidence based research supports this training as critical to recovery.

Task-specific training improves hand and arm abilities in individuals suffering from neurological injuries. However, treatment options are limited for neurological clients who cannot use their hand for normal grabbing and releasing activities.

The vast majority of stroke survivors, head injury and incomplete spinal cord Injury patients do not have wrist and/or finger extension (straightening) to allow the hand to be used in most normal activities. The SaeboFlex can improve grasp and release activities for individuals with moderate to severe hemiparesis.

The SaeboFlex and SaeboReach are based on the latest advances in neurorehabilitation research documenting the brain’s ability to “re-program” itself through repetitive practice and task-oriented arm training.


Saebo Mobile Arm Unit (MAS):

The zero gravity SaeboMAS arm support is specifically designed to gently strengthen and challenge the weakened shoulder during normal activities and exercise drills.

**This is ideal for people suffering from neurological and orthopedic issues that cannot fully lift their shoulder or arm**

The SaeboMAS allows you to unweigh your arm. By making your arm weigh less, it will be easier to lift. The SaeboMAS allows your TBTW Physical therapists  to unweigh your arm as much as needed for you to lift it. As you get stronger, we slowly decrease the assistance the SaeboMAS is giving you. This will allow you to advance to lifting your arm all the way up (against gravity) faster! It also allows you to move your arm normally… without compensating with other muscles.

Performing exercises with minimal compensation will allow you to strengthen the correct muscles and get “back to normal” quicker. For more information, Contact Us TODAY at Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC.