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"Seriously the best experience I have ever had. After going through physical therapy for another injury I decided to try somewhere new for my knee and the experience has been such a game changer. After leaving the doctor feeling frustrated and annoyed, Andie did a full evaluation with an ultra sound, describing all that was going on and even caught something that the doctor missed in my MRI results. Now after 3 weeks of physical therapy my achey, sore muscle pain is gone and my ability to chase after my kids is back in full swing! Everyones attitudes are so upbeat and encouraging! Justin and the laser therapy are truly unbelievable. Pain gone in a matter of minutes. Cannot wait to try needling next! Basically, all I am saying to give them a try and be ready to start feeling better!!"
Aug 04, 2020
Alice T.

I came to TBTW for treatment of lymphedema. With lymphedema I was having pain (tenderness) in my legs. Having 9 grandchildren it is important that I do everything I can to stay active, so I can enjoy them and be a contribution to my community. I have learned so much by coming to TBTW. Education is the key to making positive steps and Andie and Sara certainly educated me. With their expertise’s I will be able to live with lymphedema in a more positive way! I appreciate having professional experts in this area such as Andie and Sara. They were exceptional

Sullivan B.

I came to TBTW due to lower back pain. I was no longer able to work out, complete daily house chores, or walk any distances. After all of this time with TBTW, I can now run long distances without any pain, lift heavy weights/ work out, and complete all chores without pain! TBTW has improved my life! I can now do everything I did before the car accident and more! With all of the exercises given to me during my time here, I am sure that I know how to help if any pain comes up again! Thank you!

James K.

I sought out treatment here because I was having a large amount of lower back pain as well as a tarlov cyst in my lower spine. Before treatment, I was having the most trouble playing golf as often as I pleased. Aside from golf, I would have trouble sitting for an extended amount of time. Lifting certain heavy weights would also cause a pretty good deal of pain and would only go away with rest and time. After completing a pretty great deal of PT, I am now able to play as much golf as I please without anything except tightness in my back, rather than pain, which will go away with stretching or a small break. PT here at TBTW has definitely improved my life by allowing me to place as much golf and sit in the car or class without getting uncomfortable. By not having any sources of pain, I have seen a great improvement of my golf game in all areas where I am able to hit the ball further and more accurately than before I began PT at TBTW!

Jackie H.

I had lower spine surgery and lots of pain. I came to TBTW to get well. Everyone has been just wonderful. You have helped me get through some really difficult times. I looked forward to being here, all the talks, laughter, and support. Thanks for all the friendship you have given me. I will never forget you. Love to ALL!!!

Brenda H.

I was in an auto accident in May 2016.I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and upper back. And, I was also having burning and numbness in my left arm and hand. It was difficult doing my daily activities and I could not even turn my neck when I tried to back up from a parking space. I chose TBTW because I was familiar with their program from co-workers, and the location was very convenient for work. Thanks to TBTW and their amazing staff. I feel like I have gotten my life back again!! They have helped me so much! I can actually do my normal activities without being in pain and having to take pain meds. Thank you TBTW!! You are amazing! God bless you all!!

Wilma H.

I came to TBTW for physical therapy on my neck to avoid surgery. Before physical therapy I was having difficulty sleeping, concentrating at work, and doing daily tasks. I am graduating physical therapy with the ability to sleep, concentrate, and feel “normal again” while being pain free! The TBTW staff is wonderful- from the front desk to the therapist and assistances! If I need physical therapy in the future I will use TBTW again!

Angela D.

I came in for my left arm with lymphedema. I wasn’t able to pick up anything over 20-30 lbs. without having pain. It was very hard holding my grandson and reaching for things. I had difficulties getting dressed cause the arm was swollen. But, I’m doing so much better now. I am able to pick up my grandson and get dressed without any swelling in the arm. With coming to TBTW they were able to get me back to my regular routine at home and out doing things with my family now. It was a really great feeling to be able to do things again without all the issues with my arm. I’m so glad I came. Great place to come and wonderful people that are here to help you with all your issues!

Kami C.

I came to Total Body Therapy and Wellness because my right shoulder and neck continued to give me problems and lots of pain. I could no longer play basketball with my boys, sleep well at night, and do my normal chores around the house. The staff at TBTW has taken such good care of me and has helped me get back on the court with the boys. I am sleeping better at night with no neck pain. I would totally recommend TBTW to anyone that has pain or injuries. Wonderful Staff!!

Kurtis B.

I was referred by a Fort Bragg doctor. I am having hip pain along with pain from my hamstring area that was not getting better over time. PT has helped to alleviate the pain and the difficulties from that pain. The staff here are friendly and professional and I would recommend anyone to come to TBTW!

Truman G.

I came to TBTW for lower back pain. I was having difficulty with sitting and standing for prolonged times. I was also having difficulty with passing part of the Army’s physical fitness test. I can now stand and sit for longer periods of time and can now at least complete my full Army physical fitness test. TBTW has given me the confidence that I can continue to strengthen my lower back and improve on the foundation they have helped me to build. I have received care from TBTW before a few years before and it was great treatment from the staff and with rehab results. When asked where I wanted to receive treatment I requested TBTW although it was a 40-minute drive from my new home, but well worth it!

Pauline B.

I came to TBTW because I had left shoulder pain. Before PT I had difficulty using my left arm. Now, I can do just about everything and do normal everyday things that I couldn’t do when I first came in. What blessing TBTW has been to me. I came not able to use my left arm and shoulder and now I’m leaving 100% healthy. I have not been a patient anywhere, where I have felt like the only person in the room, even though there were lots of people here. The individualized attention is fantastic. I will truly miss the exceptional staff here. I feel like part of a big “family!” I have and will continue to recommend TBTW to anyone who needs PT! You ALL rock!

Kathy R. and Daniel K.

A car accident left Daniel with a TBI, multi-trauma, and follow up surgeries. TBTW has been working with Daniel throughout his recovery process and helped him tremendously transitioning from a wheelchair to a cane. TBTW therapists are always kind to Daniel and meet his physical improvement needs. Daniel’s balance has improved greatly and he is able to walk safely. Thank you so much TBTW for helping Daniel to have a better life, enjoy his visits with his children, and participate in more activities with them and his family!

James K.

I came to TBTW because I was having some moderate to severe pain in my back and the pain would be inconsistent. I was having trouble being able to play an entire round of golf without the pain showing up or getting worse at some point throughout the round. As far as activities outside of my hobbies, pain would come and go based on what I would be doing, especially picking up heavier objects. Now that I have completed PT, I feel that I am able to do all of my hobbies and other activities without causing any pain at all, which has made everything much more pleasant. By not having any pain and being able to play an entire round of golf at 100%, I have noticed an increase in enjoyment and I have also noticed that I am hitting the ball better, resulting in lower scores.

Richard T.

I know from personal experience what PT can do for you. I have seen it first hand and experienced it. There are other things to help you get better other than drugs. If one has a goal, you have to have discipline. Without discipline, one will never reach that goal. I have that in each exam room. I will continue to refer patients here for all you do!

Kelley R.

My name is Kelley and I injured my right shoulder working out. I was doing a clean press and heard a pop. The pain was bearable but not improving. After a month I knew I needed expert help to heal my shoulder. I was unable to lift objects over my head or even take a gallon of milk from the counter to the fridge. I learned at TBTW to take many steps back and begin strengthening the muscles that support my shoulder joint. It’s frustrating to slow down and work small but what I was doing wasn’t working. The smaller movements were tough and I was sore (a lot) for the first few weeks. I began to get stronger though. I used my home exercises on both arms and can see the difference in my arms. They are more defined than when I was lifting big weights. My shoulder was sore but not painful. TBTW staff was encouraging every day I came in. The staff not only helped my shoulder but became my friends. I am glad I am pain free, my strength is improving weekly, and I feel confident in my progress but I will miss seeing the smiles on the staff’s face. The nursery (free) offered at visits was most helpful. I could take care of me as the nursery took care of my kids. Thank you TBTW. You all are awesome!

Howard L.

When I came to TBTW my left shoulder hurt so much that it woke me up every time I moved in bed. I couldn’t put on a belt or reach my wallet, so I had to change how I dressed and carried my wallet. The exercises were sometimes awkward and sometimes uncomfortable. But now I sleep well and can do the things I had to modify before when I had a problem. I don’t know how I injured my shoulder but I do know that TBTW has made the difference. I’m sure the injury would have continued to deteriorate and I may have ended up with surgery or some permanent pain and lack of mobility. The entire staff here has been professional, courteous, and friendly. From the time I walk through the door until I leave, I am treated like I’m the only patient they have. They are the best and I have recommended them to everyone I know who has a mobility pain or issue!

Brooke V.

I came to physical therapy because I had knee pain. I had trouble dancing and I love dancing. Now that I am done with physical therapy I can dance even better than before. To whoever may read this, I promise, IT GET’S BETTER!