Kelley R.

My name is Kelley and I injured my right shoulder working out. I was doing a clean press and heard a pop. The pain was bearable but not improving. After a month I knew I needed expert help to heal my shoulder. I was unable to lift objects over my head or even take a gallon of milk from the counter to the fridge. I learned at TBTW to take many steps back and begin strengthening the muscles that support my shoulder joint. It’s frustrating to slow down and work small but what I was doing wasn’t working. The smaller movements were tough and I was sore (a lot) for the first few weeks. I began to get stronger though. I used my home exercises on both arms and can see the difference in my arms. They are more defined than when I was lifting big weights. My shoulder was sore but not painful. TBTW staff was encouraging every day I came in. The staff not only helped my shoulder but became my friends. I am glad I am pain free, my strength is improving weekly, and I feel confident in my progress but I will miss seeing the smiles on the staff’s face. The nursery (free) offered at visits was most helpful. I could take care of me as the nursery took care of my kids. Thank you TBTW. You all are awesome!

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