About the Process

“A Healthy Lifestyle Can Make A Big Difference Even If You Have The Gene Mutation.”

The Testing Process is Simple

Medicare, select Private Insurance and Medicaid in many states, have come to realize the benefit of cancer prevention through genetic DNA testing and now cover the cost of cancer testing at little or Zero Out-of-pocket for their policyholders.

You are asked a few pre-qualifying questions, and if you meet the medically necessary requirements, we then submit your pre-qualifying information to a Tele-Med facility, Personal Physician, or other qualified Healthcare Professional. They may need to ask you further questions to determine your personal qualifications for your Letter of Medical Necessity to obtain your Genetic Cancer Test.

When the Healthcare Professional approves, we then perform a simple mouth swab from the company provided test kit and mail it into our state-of-the-art laboratory for test completion.

It only takes about 4 weeks for your test to be processed and for your doctor to receive your results. You can then schedule a follow-up consultation with your doctor to review your test results and implement any further testing, treatment and lifestyle assessment needed to keep you healthy for years to come.