The Top 5 Burning Questions you will NEVER ask your Physical Therapist!

Ok, ok.  So you have questions, but you really don’t want to ask them!  Here they are!  The Top 5 Burning Questions you will NEVER as your Physical Therapist!


  1. How are you going to be able to lift me up?

As a PT, I’ve undergone rigorous training to learn how to move patients using proper body mechanics. This allows me to help you without hurting myself… and helps me lift people of all sizes!  At TBTW, we also use our Solo Step harness to help work with people that have trouble standing. In fact, TBTW is one of the only clinics in the area with a Solo Step!  The Solo Step is a State-of-the-Art harness that allows you to be strapped in and suspended from the ceiling.   It holds up to 450 pounds… So no matter how big you are, we have you covered!

If you need help moving at home, I will also going to educate you and your caregiver to ensure that we all stay safe.


  1. Why do you ask so many questions about what I do at home?


Our goal as a Physical Therapist is to get you back to being “You”.  We want to know what you like to do and make sure we get you doing it.  Your PT will customize your exercise and treatment program to make sure that we get you back to “normal”.  So what is important to you?  Doing that hour drive to get to work?  Getting back to the gym?  Riding horses?  Yard work?  Whatever your passion, let us know!  At TBTW,  ‘Healing Your Body, Live Your Life!’ is not just a slogan, it’s a reality!


  1. Why are you asking me about my bowel and bladder function?

No, we’re not just nosy!  We ask because the nerves that control over your bowel and bladder function come out of your back! —and if there are changes in these areas, they can help me focus in on all the problem areas. Changes in your bowel or bladder can also be a sign that something more serious is going on.  If you need help that I can’t provide, I want to make sure you get it!



  1. Why are you asking me about sex?


We love you, but we don’t LOVE you love you!  The reason we ask is that there are nerves coming out of your lower back that control your sex organs.  If these are not working properly it gives us information on what is going on.


Similarly, pain with intercourse, difficulty holding your bladder, or drastic changes in your bowel or bladder functions can indicate other issues are occurring.  We want to make sure we are addressing your problems… and all your problems… when we evaluate you.  (And yes, we CAN help you with leaky urine or pain with intercourse!)


Some of these symptoms can indicate something much more serious is going on.  We want to get to the bottom of your problem (no pun intended) and if we cannot help you with your situation, we want to get you to someone who can.


  1. Can you prescribe pain medication?

Physical therapy is actually incredibly effective at alleviating chronic pain—without the dangerous side effects associated with pain medication. So, we don’t need to prescribe pain meds! (We can’t anyway, so don’t ask!). In fact, according to the American Phyiscal Therapy Association, “Physical therapists are movement experts who treat pain through movement, rather than just masking the sensation of pain.” In other words, physical therapy is a long-term solution, whereas pain medication is not. We try to get you off any unneeded medicine and back to “normal” without them!


There you have it!  The Top 5 Burning Questions you will NEVER ask your Physical Therapist!  Have any more burning questions?  Didn’t see yours here?  Feel free to contact us and tell us what to post on!

Are you ready to feel better???  Well what are you waiting for?!?  Schedule your evaluation with a highly trained TBTW Physical Therapist today!