TMJ Sufferers: Suffer No More!


Do you suffer from TMJ???  Physical therapy can help!

TMJ is a painful and debilitating condition affecting the jaw.  This usually causes pain where the jaw joins the head, just in front of your ear.  The pain can shoot into your head, face, and neck.


Common problems with TMJ include:

  • Pain with chewing and talking
  • Locking or popping of jaw
  • Grinding/clenching of teeth
  • Inability to chew certain foods
  • Pain in face, jaw, neck, and/or head

It is often thought that nothing can be done for TMJ pain.  That is not true!  So, what can be done to help with our TMJ pain?  A physical therapist can get you started with strengthening exercises to improve jaw motion, as well as stretches to improve jaw motion.  They can give you instruction on pain management techniques.  There are also massages to decrease muscle spasms.  There are also things like cold laser therapy and other modalities that can be applied to help you decrease pain.  Finally if you are diagnosed with TMJ, you should have a night guard to sleep with.  This can be made available just over the counter, or custom made by your dentist.

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Total Body Therapy & Wellness is one of the only PT clinics to specialize in treating issues associated with TMJ.  We work to help you decrease your pain, decrease your medication usage, and lower the amount of head or neck pain that can be associated with TMJ.  Physical therapy can also increase muscle strength and improve an individual’s motion to prevent locking jaws.  After physical therapy, people notice a improved ability in chewing, and a overall healthier life.

If you have TMJ and you need treatment, talk to your doctor or physical therapist today to see if physical therapy is right for you!



Blogger: Dr. Sara Morrison, PT, DPT, CDT, FCE, CFT, Cert DN, Cert FMT