Health Insurance Covers Your Aches and Pains

I know, you’re thinking, did I read that right?  Yes, you did!  Your health insurance will cover you to get that catch out of your back, that grinding out of your shoulder, and take away that stress headache you get at work!  Injuries do not have to be “serious” for your insurance company to cover them.  Any affliction that causes pain or interferes with your daily life can be billed under your health insurance.  That can mean anything from missing sleep to missing work.  Anything that keeps you from playing with your kids to keeping you out of the gym.  Anything that you consider to be interfering with your daily activities, decreasing your quality of life or causing you pain is covered by your health insurance.


Why Would My Health Insurance Cover Such A Minor Injury/Pain?

Think of it from their point of view.  When overuse injuries are allowed to worsen, they require expensive treatments such as medication for pain.  Muscle relaxers, depression, anxiety, and sleeping medications are also often required.  If prolonged even longer, they may require shots, diagnostic studies or surgery.  It costs much less for them to pay for a few sessions of physical therapy now than more complicated alternatives later.  And, while we’re at it, if you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield as your Primary Health Insurance, you do not even need an order from your doctor to come to physical therapy!


So, quit complaining about all those aches and pains.  Ask your doctor or physical therapist about treatment options covered by your health insurance company, so you can “Heal Your Body, Live Your Life!”

Blogger: Dr. Sara S. Morrison, PT, DPT, CDT, FCE, CFT, Cert DN, Cert FMT