Swinging into Golf Month



May is considered to be National Golf Month!  In honor of this wonderful month, we would like to highlight Total Body Therapy’s very own golf program!  We are proud to announce that we have our very own TPI certified therapist, Andie Cahoon!  Andie attended a Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Program and became certified.

To help celebrate National Golf Month, we sat down with Andie to talk to her about golf and why she wanted to start a golf program at TBTW.

Q: Andie, how did you get into golf?

A: My Grandfather attempted to teach me how to play when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t interested.  I was more intrigued with “contact” and “action” sports.  To be honest with you, I thought golf was boring when I was younger.  Throughout my educational experience, I became more knowledgeable of body mechanics, kinematics, and athletic movements.  For an assignment, I analyzed the swing of a golfer, breaking down every movement at every joint, and I was fascinated with how much power, coordination, balance, and flexibility it takes to hith tiny balls with tiny club heads really, really far.  So I started to get back into playing golf to challenge myself to swing better, hit farther, and to score lower.

Q: What is your favorite club to use?

A: I love to use my driver.  I love the feeling of hitting a golf ball long distance.


Q: Why did you start a Golf Program at Total Body Therapy & Wellness?

A: I started a golf conditioning and training program to help adult amateur and experienced golfers of all ages improve their golf swing.  In no way am I trying to coach, teach, or improve someone’s golf game (I’ll leave that to the golf professionals), but my job would be to connect physical body limitations which may result in faulty or inconsistent golf swings.  I recently became level 1 certified from the Titleist Performance Institute.  They believe there are multiple ways to swing a golf club, but it’s most important to fit a swing to the golfer’s body.  I hope to help golfers improve swing power by focusing on proper alignment and body mechanics, while preventing injury, in order to return to playing the sport they love!

So take this time to get out and get golfing this May!  And if you need help with improving your golf swing, come see Andie at TBTW!  Call us for more information at (910) 893-2850!

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