TBTW Now Offers Massage Therapy!

Massage Therapy: An Overlooked Treatment for Pain

One of the more overlooked therapies to improve health and muscle balance is Massage Therapy.  Yes, massage feels good…. wonderful in fact!  Yes, it helps you relax and melt away any stress.  But the lesser known aspects are its benefits for the health, balance and maintenance of the Muscular, Nervous and Lymphatic Systems.  That is why TBTW is now offering massage sessions.  They are not covered by insurance, but well worth the expense!


 The basic principle of massage, the natural instinct to “rub away” pain, has been practiced since prehistoric times.  Its benefits have been proven and recorded throughout history to reduce tension, tightness and spasm in muscles as well as normalizing the neurological sensations.

Massage is defined as the systematic manual or mechanical manipulation of the soft tissue of the body by such movements as rubbing, kneading, pressing, rolling, slapping and tapping for therapeutic purposes.  The purposes of massage range from promoting circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, to relaxation of muscles, relief from pain, as well as restoration of metabolic balance.  Massage has shown benefits to improve your health both physically and mentally.  There are various massage therapy modalities that relate to the maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health.  Many of those techniques encourage relaxation, increase the movements of body fluids and sooth the nervous system.

In your body, when one muscle is tight, weak or injured it places extra strain on other parts of the body.  This will cause a change in your posture and place undue forces on other muscles and joints.  Some muscles will be forced to work harder to compensate and others will be ineffective because they are unable to pull effectively from their new position.  This can make new pains in the surrounding joints, especially the neck and back, and cause what was a small pain to spread to a larger area.

What Does Massage Do to Relieve Pain?

What massage does is decrease the muscle tension, spasm and pain to allow the muscles to lengthen to their original position.  It also increases the circulation of blood, lymph and other necessary fluids to “feed” the muscles and keep them healthy.  Regular massage will work out pains and spasms before they affect other areas of the body and become a problem.  Many times you do not even feel the tension until the area is treated and released.

Whether your objective is to decrease muscle knots, eliminate pain, increase circulation or just relax, regular massage will help you achieve your goals in a safe, effective and drug-free way.

TBTW is now offering massages! Contact us to schedule your massage today!


Blogger: Dr. Sara S. Morrison, PT, DPT, CDT, FCE, CFT, Cert DN, Cert FMT