Cinderella’s Attic Lillington 2017

Total Body Therapy & Wellness employees volunteering for our 2017 Prom Boutique.  Pictured is Morgan, Katrina, Roxanne, & Sara.

Total Body Therapy & Wellness recently hosted our non-profit’s, Cinderella’s Attic Lillington, 3rd annual prom boutique!  The event went beautifully and we were able to get 100 local girls prom dresses, shoes and accessories for their upcoming formal event.

Pictured is four girls who received dresses at our 2017 Prom Boutique

A Little About Cinderella’s Attic Lillington

For those of you who don’t know, Cinderella’s Attic Lillington is a non-profit organization run by Total Body Therapy & Wellness that gives prom dresses, shoes, and accessories to girls who cannot afford to go to prom otherwise.  We give them these items, completely FREE of charge!  Our local chapter of this organization has been running for the past 3 years.  It’s been such an amazing experience getting to help so many girls get dresses throughout the past few years.  In our first year, we were able to help 45 girls.  In year two we were able to double the girls that we saw and see 96 girls.  In this year, we were able to help 100 girls find the dresses of their dreams!

A personal shopper helping a girl pick out a dress at our 2016 prom boutique.

Our organization started 3 years ago in 2014.  We are actually the second chapter of Cinderella’s Attic, with the main chapter being out of San Diego, California.  Sara met with the president/director of Cinderella’s Attic, Kerry Spark.  Kerry has been operating Cinderella’s Attic in San Diego for many years and when Sara talked to her, she realized that something like this was needed in our local area.  Sara brought back the idea and with a little work, we became our very own chapter of Cinderella’s Attic.

Some of the dresses put out for a prom boutique!

Why Start This Organization Here?

Cinderella’s Attic Lillington was started here because we are in a very rural area.  There is a lot of need in this area, and this was an organization that had not been addressed before.  Upon starting this organization, we quickly realized how great the need was in our area and not just Harnett County.  We have gotten girls at our prom boutique from all over central North Carolina.  We are so happy to have had the chance to help them and start building this organization a home here in Harnett County.

A girl who received a dress at our 2015 boutique

The Prom Boutique

Preparing for our prom boutique consists of collecting prom dresses, shoes, and accessories all year long for the girls.  On one day a year, we host a prom boutique to allow the girls to come and get their very own dress.  The prom boutique is scheduled for before the local proms are happening.  The girls are encouraged to make appointments, but walk ins are allowed.  To come to our boutique, we require no proof of need, just the girls to come and get their dress.

Volunteers at our 2017 Prom Boutique

The purpose of the boutique is to make each girl feel like she is coming to an upscale boutique.  Even though we hold our boutique in our physical therapy clinic, we rearrange and set it up to look like a boutique.  Each girl is assigned a personal shopper to help her pick out a dress.  They can go to dressing rooms and try out their dresses until they find the one they absolutely love!  Then it’s time to head over to shoes and accessories.  The purpose is to make these girls have their very own special day to pick out a dress.  It gives them the opportunity to have their very own Cinderella moment.

Girls receiving dresses at our 2017 boutique

A Thank You

After working with this organization in our community for 3 years, we want to say that we are so in awe of the amazing community which we are a part of.  We have had so many donations from all over the place to our organization.  Honestly we are completely astonished that we have gotten such a positive response from our wonderful community.  We are so grateful to have started here in this area with such amazing people. We have received donations from individuals of dresses, shoes, accessories, and even monetary donations to help with our cause.  We wanted to give a special shout out to Carter’s Economy Cleaners in Lillington for dry cleaning the dresses for the PAST 3 YEARS!  We are so grateful to you, we truly cannot express how wonderful you are enough.  Our organization is blessed to be a part of such an open armed, loving community that has taken us in and helped us build up our organization and expand our reach.

Dresses hung up for the boutique

If you would like to donate to Cinderella’s Attic Lillington, please reach out and let us know.  We take donations all year long.  You can also check out any upcoming fundraisers or events on our Cinderella’s Attic Lillington Facebook page.  We also need volunteers for different events all year long.  If you’d like to volunteer your time, let us know!