Putting Your Best Fork Foward


March is National Nutrition month, which has been a campaign by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics that started in 1980.  This March, we will feature blogs specific to healthy eating and allowing you the “Put your best fork forward”.

March is the time for you to start making small changes to the way that you eat!  It is important to start with small changes so that you do not overwhelm yourself.  Setting small goals is a good way to make larger changes to your diet in the long run.  One thing to remember is to focus on eating foods that are nutrient dense.  This includes whole foods, healthy fats, fruits/veggies, plant based proteins, etc.  You should try implementing these types of foods into your diet, instead of focusing on the limitation of foods from your diet.


There are many tools which are beneficial to you when planning out your dietary changes.  One of these is the MyPlate website.  There are many items on this site that can help you make the necessary changes to eat healthier.  There are dietary checklists for servings of grains, proteins, fruits/veggies, and dairy that should be consumed in one day.  The site also includes a super tracker, which allows you to keep track of how many calories you are consuming in one day, as well as a breakdown of your diet.  This can hold you accountable for what you’re consuming and what you should change to your current dietary habits.  There are even sample menus to help you make those small changes to your diet (example below)!


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website includes many options for nutritional sheets for you to learn more about proper nutrition for your body.  The nutrition tip sheets are beneficial for learning more about proper nutrition and how to eat the best for your lifestyle.  There are tip sheets for eating less salt, eating healthy on a budget, healthy eating on the go and more!   Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so nutrition can vary from person to person.  You can also check out our blog later in the month for more details on eating right!